Customer Care and Quality Assurance

Telesales02_450_iStock_000010653782“Here at Chaffins we have a strict Customer Care Policy to ensure the best quality and service at all times”

Customers are our most important asset. Without customers we would not be in business. This policy sets out our commitment to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service from our company.

At Chaffins Foodservice our customers come first, along with our staff that drive and develop our business. In an age of anonymous, large corporations we pride ourselves on providing not only the quality one would expect from a family business, but also a distinct reflection of Cornish and West Country needs.

Green-Foundation-BadgeWe want you to be confident that what we offer is the quality you require, presented, packed and value for money. Chaffins also strives to be as green as is possible and use all methods to reduce packaging and to use green utilities where possible. All our power is green and vehicles run on sustainable eco engines. Chaffins Foodservice is proud to be an Eden Project Green Foundation member.

Key aims and objectives

  • To Offer quality and competitively priced products to our customers.
  • To provide consistent yet adaptable and flexible service levels.
  • To evaluate the success of the services delivered to our customers and to constantly strive for improvement.
  • To ensure that our customers are kept fully informed.
  • To ensure that by providing a quality service Chaffins becomes the customer’s first choice.
  • To continuously update the knowledge, skills, talents and abilities of all Chaffins’ staff thereby ensuring that we are able to respond to the needs of our customers both now and in the future.

BRC Accreditation

Chaffins Foodservice has been audited to the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution passing with a Certification Grade B.

Please see our current BRC certificate for 2017/18